Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inspiring Change- Right Where We Are:)

We all love to hear those heart felt stories of change and transformation. The individuals who overcome all odds to achieve success or the ones who makes a difference in a way that others thought impossible. 

 These stories sink deep within us and generally make us pause and ask if we too could do the same, can we also make a difference?

 Unfortunately that is often as far as the conversation goes. We ask ourselves what is possible and if we can be a part of that possibility and then the reality of the task sets in, fear takes over or our own self doubt speaks up.  Sadly we leave the possibility of inspiring others, creating change, and making a difference- to others and miss out on the opportunities right before us. 
One of our prayers as we prepare for the Women Inspiring Change event is that not only will you leave inspired, but that you will also recognize that you are empowered by the same God who said you are the apple of His eye to create change, inspire others and do what others thought impossible.  You can inspire change right where you are, right where you are planted, right where God has placed you
Pic taken at a recent planning meeting at Parables bookstore.

-Keitha Ogbogu
2014 "Women Inspiring Change" Chair 
(Third incredibly smiley woman from the (right:)

Tickets available at Saskatoon's Scott's Parable Bookstore or Online at Event Brite 

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